Altared States workshop



Dates: 17&18 February

Altar as the Art of Ones’s own life

Manifesting our intentions into physical forms and celebrating our inner sacred qualities

This is an invitation to participate in expansion of creation

In this two-day workshop the space will be offered to learn an ancient art of altar making, to awaken creativity and to connect with our inner guiding voices. The two days will involve gentle movement exercises for  releasing and letting go off tension, some art making and simple meditation in preparation for individual and group altar work.

We will explore:  what is altar ?

what is sacred space ?

what is our relationship to both ?

We will aim to create 4 Altars by the  end of the workshop
Please get in touch with Your interest or any questions you may have ,

detailed information will be provided on how to prepare for the workshop upon registration
Contact Agni by mail:  by 10 of February
You could attend just one day if You wish , it would be more beneficial to attend both days as there will be a continuous work, culminating at the end of second day.

The price is 100 pounds for 2 days
50 pounds  payable in advance
Places are limited



please note this is women only event

About Agni 

Agni is a visionary artist ( please look at the separate page here for detailed biography)

she has been working in theatre, performance and visual arts for over 20 years, She has been working within arts in community, group settings and on individual projects.She has also recently completed a postgraduate diploma in Art Therapy.

Working with altars comes directly from the shamanic teachings that Agni has been following for the last 7 years under the guidance of Carmen Vincente- a South American medicine woman,  Vision Quest, Sundance and Ghost dance  chief and a community leader. It was in Ecuador that Agni has received instructions and blessings  for this work. Agni has completed 4 year Vision Quest at the Mountain of the Nations- Mamayacta , She is a carrier of sacred Chanupa pipe